Tel Aviv (Israel)

Building at Port of Jaffa

Posted November 20, 2013  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

When it comes up to speak about mentionable hotspots in the world or best places to travel over the last years, Tel Aviv is probably listed with a top ranking. And in fact, Tel Aviv has a lot to offer. It’s not only it’s controversal history, but also a lot of life style, many friendly people, a plenty …

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Helsinki (Finland)

Helsinki Cathedral (Helsingin Tuomiokirkko)

Posted May 25, 2013  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

In 2012 Helsinki was the World Design Capital, not the only reason to travel to Finland’s capital. Helsinki is a very relaxed city, with obviously a plenty of design stores, public art performances, sleek restaurants and worth to live in hotels. So, if you have a soft spot for design and like good food, your are …

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Miraflores Locks (Panama)

Miraflores Locks in Panama

Posted April 22, 2013  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  1 Comment

Being to Panama City, it is always worth to take some time to visit the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal, which are located close to the city, just a 20 minutes drive away from down town. The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and was opened in 1914. Back then …

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Panama City (Panama)

Caribbean Feeling in Panama City

Posted April 21, 2013  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Panama is the most southern country in central america and famous for it’s canal connecting pacific and caribbean sea. It’s capital city is Panana City, a fast developing city with a lot of high-risers. Beside of that, Panama City has also an ancient district, the Casco Viejo, an UNESCO world heritage. Casco Viejo is completely different …

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Maho Beach (Sint Maarten)

KLM Boeing 747-400 over Maho Beach

Posted April 19, 2013  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  1 Comment

Maho Beach is a place on a West Indies island, which is the only place in the world, where the The Netherlands and France have a direct border. The island is divided into the Dutch Sint Maarten (a former member of Guadeloupe, since 2010 an independend country) and the French part named Saint Martin, an …

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Philipsburg (Sint Maarten)

Photographers in Phillipsburg

Posted April 17, 2013  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Philipsburg is the capital of the dutch island Sint Maarten and a popular stop for caribbean cruise tours. If you enter the town from landside – as I did – the things you see feel like a huge theater or cinema setting. Everything is artificially prepared and well organized for the hordes of day tourists …

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San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Cemetery at Castillo San Cristobal

Posted April 14, 2013  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Many Americans – or even most visitors – come to San Juan to enter one of the big cruiseliners, as Puerto Rico is common place to start a caribbean cruise tour. Myself was here also for just one night, forced to stay by a stop over flight. See here a few impressions of San Juan’s old …

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Santiago (Chile)

Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda

Posted April 12, 2013  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

You may already know, Chile is a very long and narrow country on the western side of South America. It streches over a distance of 4300km from north to south, which allows to have all four seasons at one time in the same country. The capital is Santiago de Chile, quite somewhere in the middle of it. …

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Buenos Aires (Argentinia)

Government House "La Casa Rosada"

Posted April 6, 2013  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Buenos Aires is, along with Mexico City and São Paulo, one of the three Latin American cities considered an Alpha City. It is often said to be like the Paris of South America, with 3 million people living in the city. In 2005 it was appointed the first UNESCO City of Design. Dont’t forget, it …

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London (England)

SantaCon Pub Crawlers at Tate Modern doing a Flash Mob

Posted December 15, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Most of your parents will have told you, that there is just one Santa Claus existing. So one might get really confused to see, that there can be so many of him in London. Don’t worry, you did not have one mulled wine to much. What you see on the picture is a flash mob just …

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Athens (Greece)

Rooftop Restaurant at Fresh Hotel

Posted November 8, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

During the deepest dip of the economic recession, I gave Athens a visit. Call it anticyclic behavior – I call it support of those who deserve it. By the way, I saved a lot of money too, as a fact of supply and demand. However, Athens is one of the oldest settlements within Europe, populated …

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Hohwacht/Baltic Sea (Germany)

Hohwacht - Beach in Rain

Posted July 14, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

In July I was off for a few days to Hochwacht, a small town at the Baltic Sea. In the first picture it is raining, but the sun came back after a short while. Hochwacht’s beach is full with beach chairs. Thus, virtually any image shows one of those shady, cozy – and dry – …

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Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo - People waiting at Akihabara Railway Station

Posted July 5, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

When I first visited Tokyo, I missed to visit one district of the city, which is very popular: Akihabara, also known as the Electric Town or simply Akiba. In Akihabara you will find every possible electronic gadget, computer, videogame, anime or manga stuff – new or used. If you don’t get it here, it does …

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Kyoto (Japan)

Kyoto - Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Posted July 2, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Kyoto is the former imperial capital of Japan and accordingly has many historical pavillions temples, shrines and gardens to offer. And of course the obligatory observation tower, one can find in every big city all over the world. For western visitors the bamboo forest at Arashiyama is definitely another highlight and most likely the best, but at …

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Ocean Expo Park Okinawa (Japan)

Okinawa Ocean Expo Park - Visitors taking Photographs

Posted July 1, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

The Ocean Expo Park is a amusement park located in the north-west of Japan’s holiday island Okinawa. The offical theme is simply Sun, Flowers and Ocean. It is divided into different sections like the Tropical Dream Center, the Seaturtle Pool, the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, or the tropical Emerald Beach – just to name a few. …

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Tokyo Haneda Airport (Japan)

Tokyo Haneda Airport - Runway

Posted June 28, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Tokyo has two important airports, the international airport in Narita and the domestic airport in Haneda. Since 1978, when Narita opened it’s doors, it is mainly used by domestic flights – but it was steadily growing, and is now handling around 65.000.000 passengers each year. This is on one level with L.A. International, Frankfurt, or …

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Korean Joint Security Area

JSA Soldier

Posted March 16, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  1 Comment

Since the World War II Korea is devided by a 250km border line into a Northern and a Southern part. The Joint Security Area (JSA) is the only portion of the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) where South and North Korean forces stand face-to-face. The JSA is used by the two Koreas for diplomatic engagements, and …

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Osaka Airport (Japan)

Osaka Airport

Posted March 15, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

The international airport of Osaka (a.k.a. Kansai International Airport or KIX) was built on an artificial island, which is only connected by a bridge to the emerged land. One of the pictures is showing this bridge in a diffuse winter morning light, while approaching the runway. The other photograph was taken within the terminal, while …

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Great Barrier Island (New Zealand)

Auckland - Great Barrier Island

Posted March 14, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Auckland is one of the gateways to the Pacific Islands, where white beaches and turquoise waters are expected to be standard. To get an idea of how this looks from air, I joined a charter flight with Hauraki Air. The flight took me to Great Barrier Island (situated 100km north-east to Auckland), Waiheke Island, and …

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Wellington (New Zealand)


Posted March 13, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland, but surprisingly the capital is Wellington. Wellington is calling itself the Capital of Cool. Lonely Planet says, Wellington is coolest little capital in the world. In fact, Wellington is rather cool – expect about five degrees centrigrade less than in Auckland. And despite it is a capital, …

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Auckland (New Zealand)

Auckland Habour

Posted March 12, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Times are changing, so the habour with its warehouses was redeveloped, and houses a new seacruise terminal now. It seems, that only one warehouse survived the construction works – maybe it was formerly no. 10. I actually don’t know it. Exactly when I visited Auckland, the Volvo Ocean Race took place – starting the Leg …

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Sydney – Manly (Australia)

Sydney - Manly

Posted March 9, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

It takes you just 1/2 an hour from downtown Sydney by ferry to Manly – but it feels like being in a total different place. Manly is a suburban of Sydney with nice beaches having a holiday flair. The picture is showing The Pantry, a nice beach house restaurant. They say, they have the best …

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Melbourne (Australia)

Flinders Street Station

Posted March 8, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Flinders Street Station is the central railway station of the suburban railway network of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Opened in 1910 it was complely refurbished the last years after lots of controversial discussions about the how-to. The first two pictures were taken in the station, the aerial view was shot from the Eureka Skydeck 88. I …

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Bondi Beach (Australia)

Sydney - Bondi Beach

Posted March 7, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Syndey has many great beaches. The closest is probably also the most famous: Bondi Beach. Names can wear the i in the first position. Like iPod. A word with a sudden stop. Or they wear it in the last position. Like Bondi. A sound like infinite blue waves…

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Sydney (Australia)

Sydney - A Morning over the City

Posted March 5, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Friendly relaxed people, the sun always shining, and water, water, water. This is, what Sydney seems to be. Situated at the seaside, the surroundings are such fragmented, that it is often the fastest way to take a ferry to get from A to B. The photograph shows the city at 7:30 in the morning – …

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Seoul (South Korea)


Posted March 3, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

This is Seoul. Some of the pictures were taken from the Seoul N Tower. At the tower, there is one special attraction: The love padlocks. Like in Paris, lovers can fix a lock at a fence to proof their love and make it everlasting. Obviously this habit started in 2007, right after the tower was …

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São Paulo (Brazil)

Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo

Posted February 18, 2012  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  3 Comments

Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America, but is not a typical tourist magnet. It has no beaches, it has not old city, it even has no real city center. It is more or less a city to do business, not vacation. However, the city has enough to offer to stay there for …

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Berlin (Germany)

Berlin - Rechstagskuppel (II)

Posted September 4, 2011  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

  After reunification Germany decided to move their capital back from Bonn to Berlin. In Berlin, the government was in need of new venues to place all those politicans, employees and other officials. They set up a complete new Bundestag building and remodelled the historic Reichstag building – similar to the Paris Louvre – a …

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Durban (South Africa)

Posted August 14, 2010  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Durban was one of the FIFA World Cup 2010 hosts, and the city was that place, where Germany lost the match against Spain in the semi finals. Durban is a very different place to Cape Town, but has it’s especiality on its own. See the fishermen, and the magnicifant World Cup Stadium… and you know, …

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Paris (France)

Posted July 16, 2010  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Paris, the city of love, is host of many stunning buildings of all periods. One of these buildings at the western end of the Champs-Élysées is the Arc de Triomphe,  one of the most famous monuments in Paris. But it is not just a ordinary gate: Interestingly one can enter the building, walk up the …

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Chicago (USA)

Posted February 5, 2010  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Chicago (IL)  is well known as the windy city. I agree on that, it’s really windy. And lousy cold. On that winter day in 2010 the temperature was minus eight degress centigrade. In combination with strong winds it feels more than cold. Just arrived the day before from sommerly Miami (FL),  and I thought I …

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Las Vegas (USA)

Posted September 30, 2009  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

It was in 2009, when I was staying in Las Vegas for a congress. Being bored of all the daily business, I went off with my new camera to shoot some new… shoots. Here is the result.

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Hongkong’s Peak (China)

Hongkong 2009

Posted September 6, 2009  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

The best place to learn how large Hongkong is, is The Peak – a hill on Hongkong Island. You can get up on it by taking the famous red tram, and will first land at a busy touristic venue with shops and restaurants. Instead of going there better turn right, walk down a small pathway …

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Cape Coast (Ghana)

Posted July 23, 2009  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

During a visit to friends in Accra (Ghana), we started a weekend road trip along the Gulf of Guinea to Cape Coast. This little town is very famous in a thoughtful manner …since here started the shipment of slaves to America some hundred years ago. Slavery was present here for a long time, when Europeans …

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Taipei (Taiwan)

Posted May 23, 2009  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Taipei is another city, that impresses me very much – but also makes me feeling a little bit lost. Nevertheless, I shot a nice photograph from my hotel room there. Staying at the Grand Formosa (the portuguese name of Taiwan), I was first embaressed of the construction next to my room window. During my stay, …

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Terry in New York City

New York - Terry Richardson

Posted March 23, 2009  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

When I was in New York City that day, and was wandering through the big apple, I suddenly stoppend, seeing my favorite vodka. And more suddenly Terry sneaked aroud. Cool. Did I tell you, that I love Terry Richardson?

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Beijing’s Nest (China)

Posted October 30, 2008  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

In 2008 China were holding the Olympic Games. To present the country best, the chinese were in need for a lot of new buildings, including the complete olympic park in Beijing. The center of this village is the new stadium called “The Nest”, which was built with western help and is actually an impressing construction. …

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Chongqing (China)

Posted October 26, 2008  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

  It was a rainy, uncomfortable day in Chongqing (China), the world’s largest metropolean area with more than 35.000.000 people living there, when I was checking in at the local Hilton Hotel on 26/10/2008. Arrived in my upper level room, I found out, there is a nice view to a slowly revolving restaurant on top …

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Posted February 28, 2008  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Mauritius is ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the World Bank, one of only four countries in Africa in this category. It has been ranked as the best governed country in all of Africa, five years in a row, finishing on top of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance. According to the Democracy Index, …

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Dubai (UAE)


Posted February 18, 2008  /   By Torsten Schubert  /  0 Comments

Dubai feels like one of the biggest construction sites in the world. Predominantly an artificial city, but still growing and growing. Dubai is the capital of the Emirate Dubai and has about 1.8 million inhabitants. About 1 million cars are registered. One liter gasoline is about 1 Dirham, which is aproximately 0,25 Euro. The emirate …

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