Cape Coast (Ghana)

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Victoria Road
Cape Coast
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During a visit to friends in Accra (Ghana), we started a weekend road trip along the Gulf of Guinea to Cape Coast. This little town is very famous in a thoughtful manner …since here started the shipment of slaves to America some hundred years ago.

Slavery was present here for a long time, when Europeans showed up in Guinea. And adopted the idea, not without putting some more professionalism into it. A trading triangle between Africa (manpower), America (raw materials), and Europe (final goods) was established from now on.

Cape Coast Castle formed the consolidation point for the resource “manpower”. From here all collected slaves were shipped – on galleons with many floors, each only one meter high – over the Atlantic to the west. Only the strongest survived.

The picture is taken from the castle to the North, showing a surreal scenery.



Posted: July 23, 2009

Author: Torsten Schubert

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